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Warehouse Direct Fulfillment Solution

Purchase at Buying Group Prices

Warehouse Direct: 
Your Nationwide Fulfillment Solution

At Specialty Electronics Nationwide we believe that our brick and mortar based dealers need reliable sources for allocation, should be able to buy at factory competitive prices, and deserve the support of the manufacturing community. Many manufacturers have raised the annual volume levels that dealers are required to reach in order to be a factory direct dealer. Their new policies have forced dealers to buy through traditional distribution at significantly higher prices. So that Specialty Electronics Nationwide members may continue to buy products at competitive prices, we have launched our revolutionary Warehouse Direct program.

Warehouse Direct

Specialty Electronics Nationwide partners with various distribution companies across the county so our members can purchase goods through our Warehouse Direct program at factory competitive prices. There are 47 Warehouse Direct warehouses across the nation and members generally receive inventory within 48 hours of placing an order. By ordering product as a group, we are able to forecast our needs and place sizable purchase orders with our manufacturers. Additionally, the state-of-the-art online ordering system allows dealer members to increase turns, buy at the right price, and maximize their return on investment.


For the first time in the history of CE, the independent specialty dealer has the power of the purchase order!

Custom Warehouse Direct

We know how important it is to have a one-stop shop where you can fulfill all of your custom installation needs. Our Custom Warehouse Direct program provides the cutting edge “Just In Time” inventory solution for all Specialty Electronics Nationwide members. The price of copper has been extremely volatile so we now buy bulk cabling, accessories and custom installation products from manufacturers such as Eagle Aspen and Monster Cable in truck load quantities. In addition, you will find architectural speaker products, volume controls, A/V mounts, universal remotes, content distribution systems and ever evolving new product categories. This exciting new Custom Warehouse Direct initiative will continue to grow and meet your demands for multiple brands in just one shipment at the right price.

The Warehouse Direct program is a win/win for all partners involved.